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This is the information page for the following feeds on Broadcastify:

These feeds are from the Rockingham / Harrisonburg / Page Trunked Radio System, of which all received calls are uploaded to Node 1857 on the Broadcastify calls system.

When an incident in Harrisonburg city is dispatched with fire and EMS, the dispatch audio will be duplicated on the audio feed. This is due to the dispatch being duplicated on TAC 1 and HFD 1.

Since inception, I have been using two RTL-SDR dongles.
Soon to come is an upgrade to the Airspy R2.
Expect downtime mid-afternoon on Sunday, 2023-01-22 for this upgrade.
I bank on this giving increased reliability and consistency, as well as better performance of the Page county talkgroups.

2023-01-30: Airspy R2 installed and working well for about a week. I ordered new RAM and USB card, but ordered the wrong thing on both counts. Got the right ones coming now. Hopefully this improves audio quality.

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